Sparkling Iced Tea

We're often asked how many drinks can a mixer bottle make? (Answer:10-15) This recipe is great for making your bottle of Cha Cha Tea Mixer for a little further.

Our recommended serving suggestion is 50ml to a cup of water or sparkling water. TRUTH can stretch the dose to just half the serve to make a TEA SPRITZ!

Just a '25ml dash of tea mixer' and top up with mineral or iced water (even refreshing with kombucha) 

The trick to stretching the bottle and getting more from it is using fresh fruit and citrus to pair with the mixer. 

25ml Strawberry Swoon Tea Mixer Or Peeling Fantastic Tea Mixer
150ml Chilled Sparkling Water 
Citrus to boost to Ice Tea Spritz - orange, lemon, grapefruit or a lime wedge.
1. Add Ice cubes to a glass
2. Pour your preferred tea mixer into a glass 
3. Fill with glass with chilled sparkling water or kombucha
4. Garnish with any citrus you prefer. You will need to squeeze the juices of the citrus into the drink to boost the flavour of the tea mixer.



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