Hi my name is Samantha and its with a love of tea and a fondness of enjoying the finer things in life are the driving force behind Cha Cha Tea.

I can proudly say Cha Cha has produced Australia’s first ever Tea and Cold Brew Coffee crafted for sodas, mock-tails and cocktails. All you have to do is pour yourself a little glass of Cha Cha Mixer over ice, add a little something’ something’ of your choosing for a refreshing and invigorating drink to unwind with.

Cha Cha Tea Mixers are also a great treat to give your children as an alternative to soft drink or cordials. (It’s a win, win)

I have the highest standards when it comes to what I put into our mixers and I am just as picky with how I make them.

I'm sweet enough if i do say so myself and I don’t add extra sugar or preservatives to any of my products. Instead I create full and unique flavour combinations using whole leaves, fruit and spices.

I brew and bottle our special blends locally at an artisan micro-brewery in Geelong, Victoria. I value sustainability from the suppliers I work with through to the brewing process. All ingredients once brewed are composted locally back into farms.

My products are the real deal in every way, and you can really taste it.

Let’s Cha Cha!