Mothers Day Recipes

On a day when mums across the country are being showered with homemade crafts, bouquets of flowers, breakfast in bed, taken out for brunch, it’s a little tougher for me sadly losing my mum a few years ago after a long battle with her health.

Each year the day poses new challenges this year marks my third without my mum. My mum taught me everything I know, she was my biggest cheerleader and I know she is the mastermind from above creating all my happy business milestones.

I thought I'd do something special to celebrate my mum with three mothers day inspired recipe ideas.

Champagne Iced Tea  
Tea Mum'osa's
I Love you Pink Tea Lattes
Much love Sam x 
Champagne Iced Tea   
Best served in gorgeous champagne flutes
Add 50ml of Strawberry Swoon Tea Mixer into each flute
Simply top up with chilled Champagne
Cha Cha Mum'osa Recipe
Best served in pretty cocktail flute if you happen to have one handy!
Add 30ml of Strawberry Swoon Tea Mixer into each flute
Add in some strained passion fruit juice (pulp free)
Simply top up with chilled champagne
Serve with halved passion fruit on top, we even added a few pomegranate seed on top! 
I Love you Pink Lattes

Into your milk jug, or in a sauce pan if you haven't a steamer wand

Add in 1 small teaspoon of Sweet Beet Barista Boost 

 Add in a 30ml shot of Strawberry Swoon Tea Mixer

Add in your preferred choice of milk (full cream, skinny, almond, soy, coconut we have tested em all) Note there will be some separation with soy, almond and coconut milks.

Steam the milk with your steaming wand until it reaches normal latte temp. Important not to burn the milk or the tea will curdle. If you are using a stove top make sure you continually stir on a low heat.

Pour the latte in a mug or latte glass and serve with some edible blooms or sprinkle some Sweet Beets Booster on top.