Pink Tea Lattes

Heres how to make our signature pink tea latte.

Into your milk jug (or saucepan if you haven't a steamer wand)

Add 1 small tea spoon of boost powder.

Add a 30ml shot of tea mixer

Add your preferred choice of milk (full cream, skinny, almond, soy, coconut, we've tried em all) *Note there will be some separation between the ingredient and almond,soy and coconut milks 


 Steam the milk with your steamer until it reaches a normal latte temp. Important not to burn the milk or the tea will curdle. If you are making on the stove to best to use on a low heat and continually stir the latte until at the desired temperature 


 Pour the latte into your cup. We recommend clear glass to show off the lovely colour of the latte.


Garnish with a little of the booster powder sprinkled onto, some dried rose petals or even some broken up frozen raspberries look great.




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